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e-Geopolis project

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e-Geopolis at a glance

Three different kind of sources crossed

- A collection of 1,200 population censuses covering two centuries and more than 200 counties/territories

- 2 millions geo-referenced “local units" (a generic name for settlements such as : places, villages, cities, towns, parish, ward, etc.)

- High definition satellite images used for delimiting urban areas

A single definition used worlwide

- Each "agglomeration" is defined as a morphological body (continuity of built-up areas must not exceed 200 meters between buildings/blocks)

- A population threshold of 10,000 inhabitants is used in all countries and all time periods, even the official national definition is different

- Population counts are given on the same dates at world scale (July, 1st of years in "0" : 2000, 1990, 1980... for the historical series).